Be Living Your Lifestyle FASTER in just 3 simple ways!

Some of you may have begun your lifestyle journey..

Some of you may be wondering where to kick start..

So I decided to share with you 3 simple ways you can do immediately to be living your lifestyle faster than you think it’s possible 🙂

These 3 simple ways is called CPE.

– Clarity
– Plan and pick one.

– Execute


1) Clarity

Before you get sucked into the hype of “LIVING YOUR LIFESTYLE“, you need to first know, what is it?

There are many people out there promoting lifestyle, this and that. (And it’s attractive. Yes.. Easy to get caught in the hype.)

But what they don’t tell you, is to FIRST define your reason of leading the lifestyle you desire! 

Why do you want it?

Because chances are, you’re pretty comfortable with what you already have right now.

See, llifestyle is a luxury. It is a higher level of choice and a higher quality of living.

Some people want it, some people don’t.

So don’t just buy into the idea of lifestyle.

Think about it.

What is your definition of freedom? Or rather how does your ideal lifestyle look like?

Do you want to just work for 2 hours a day and take the rest of the day off for your family? Perhaps surfing at the beach? Or maybe you want to be doing something on the go that allows you to travel and make money at the same time?

How does your perfect day look like?

Once you have this level of clarity, it’s so much easier to attain the unshakable motivation for making your lifestyle come true.


2) Plan and pick one

What is your master plan?

With so many options out there, you may feel overwhelmed.

I would say that many things work. And the fastest way to make this work, is to really test it out yourself.

There is NO ONE GUARANTEED SHOT in any of these opportunities that comes along.

Think of it these way..

You go to the ice cream store and it’s your first time trying out the flavours.

Do you know what your favourite ice cream is?

Of course not.

No matter how many people you ask, or survey or call up, you’ll never ever know what your favourite ice cream is going to be until you taste it yourself!

All opinions from other people are subjective. Period.

So if you’re overwhelmed, the best way to get started is just to pick one and begin. (Don’t overthink!)

Do not view it as your one way ticket to success, nor do not view it as a scam.

Keep an open mind, enjoy the process, because this will probably open up more doors ahead.

In the full version copy of “The Empowered Choice”, you’ll learn how to create your own lifestyle business vehicle. 

Other alternatives are existing lifestyle vehicles such as MLM, Internet Marketing, Trading, Investing in properties.. And there are so many more options.

Lastly, if you’re seeking advice or suggestions, ASK someone who already has what you want. Not just some random person on the street. (You don’t ask a shoe maker how to invest in land. Vice Versa)


3) Execute

I must say that this is one of the least topics most people talk about. Most of the time, it’s all about strategies, crafting your plan etc..
And it makes one aim towards perfection and fall into the trap of “not good enough yet”.

However, the people who are making it happen, usually are those who FIRE, Adjust and then FIRE again.

They don’t take a gazillion years to aim and craft towards perfection.

So start writing down your execution plans even before you got everything up and running!

NEVER keep a mental note, because it will slip your mind. FOR SURE!

Aim to be a progressionist not a perfectionist!

This way, you won’t be stuck in the perfectionist frame of mind.

As Richard Branson said, ” Screw it! Just do it!” (A great reminder for the perfectionists out there!)

What are your dead lines, time lines and execution steps moving forward?

Write it down and move your ass now!


In short, be aware of what you want specifically. Plan and pick one way to begin. Lastly, execute based on your written dates, fire, adjust and fire again. With these 3 simple ways, you’ll progress even faster than you can ever imagine!

To your uncompromised life!

Gin Seah

Live Uncompromised
The Empowered Choice 

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