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Be Living Your Lifestyle FASTER in just 3 simple ways!

Some of you may have begun your lifestyle journey.. Some of you may be wondering where to kick start.. So I decided to share with you 3 simple ways you can do immediately to be living your lifestyle faster than you think it’s possible 🙂 These 3 simple ways is called CPE. – Clarity – Plan…

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Negative Days Go Away!

I had a negative day. And I noticed that because MOST of my days right now are positive 9 to 1, so a negative day would just stand out. However it wasn’t always like this. I used to be very negative like 7-8 years ago. Surprise? 😀 Well, I’m not writing this to you to rant…

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What is The Empowered Choice?

The Empowered Choice is a decision, it is an inner desire, an awakening, a knowing from deep within, which will enable you to gain the power to be in control of your heart’s true calling. Whether it is yet to be clear, near or still far away or unknown, it is the inner strength needed…

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